About us

Walking in the Kingdom of God

The foundation

The Foundation 'was created because God wants to raise up His Army! He PULLED that army OUT OF THE POWER OF darkness in which the whole world sits. Because he only wants to Steal, Rob, Kill! But because that POWER OF darkness is also the father of all lies, unfortunately the army of God is often deceived! Therefore, the army of God even has difficulty standing up because of all those lies! But just by standing up, it DESTROYS all the works of the power of darkness!

The rising of God's army is walking in the works that God has prepared for His army! That is Walking in the Kingdom of God! Even Creation knows about this! For he longs for the revelation of the Sons of God. How much more beautiful will it be if all the Sons of God rise up as His Army?!

Therefore, TEACH, TRAIN and COACH  we Churches because they are part of God's army! And through our event SOZOHealing4You we show God's POWER to everyone! For God's POWER shows His MEGA LOVE for the entire world as it destroys all the works of darkness by bringing Life in abundance!

The sick are HEALED there, demons are cast out! And we will also see the dead BE RAISED! Anyone who has tasted His MEGA LOVE can also become part of the Army of God! That Army will only become bigger and more visible because it will 'Walk in the Kingdom of God'!