Water & Fire

Be baptized under water and with the Holy Spirit

Find a church in your area where they are familiar with HEALING! This church is therefore used to BAPTISM people (as adults or from 8 years old) Under Water and with the FIRE of The Holy Spirit! Because we CANNOT do WITHOUT this FIRE! Jesus went to the Father for it!

When you read Luke 9 you will see that even before Jesus paid the price for our HEALING and then for our FORGIVENESS, Jesus had given the command to HEAL the Sick!

In Luke 9 Jesus sent out 12 disciples and in Luke 10 even 70 disciples! And they all came back with TESTIMONIALS! But when Jesus was captured and PAID the Price for our HEALING and later for our FORGIVENESS, all the disciples were off the track!

In the first days after His resurrection, most of the disciples had NOT yet seen Jesus. Thomas was the only one who honestly and openly indicated that he would only believe that Jesus had really RISEN when he had seen and felt His scars! Acts 10:40 describes that the disciples were afraid! They had gathered in a room where the doors and window shutters were closed. But suddenly there was Jesus standing in this room! Jesus then asked for food and drink to show that He was NOT a ghost because ghosts DO NOT eat or drink! Thomas was then allowed to see and feel Jesus' scars. After this, Jesus affirmed that Thomas only now believed! Jesus then said that He would go to the Father so that He could send the Holy Spirit. Then they could be BAPTIZED with the FIRE of The Holy Spirit.

Later you read that with the OUTPOURING of the Holy Spirit the disciples began to speak in strange tongues. They spoke in Tongues and only then did they finally HEAL the Sick again! Once again, Jesus went to The Father specifically on Ascension Day so that we could be BAPTIZED with the FIRE of The Holy Spirit! Jesus thought this was so important!!

So ask about this FIRE in church?! And STRENGTHEN your Faith! And let us know how it went?!